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  3D Animation  
3 D Animation    
  Internet Marketing 3D Animation
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3D Animation 3D Animation
3D Animation
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3D Animation
3D Animation
  3 D Animation
Approach Media is specialized in creating spectacular 3D animations for various multimedia applications. Our team is constantly updating and innovating with the latest technology used internationally. We are mastered in 3D character modeling and animation, Architectural walkthroughs for virtual simulation, and other 3D animation used in TV commercials, Documentaries and more. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and creative team, we are able to achieve international standards in 3D technology.
  We would love to explore further new heights, challenges and opportunities in:
  Our capability includes making 3D models for different purposes. We can make some interesting 3D models for Ad films, training programs, multimedia presentations and more.
We make use of 3D animation for Ad films and making some realistic backgrounds for animation productions. With effective use of 3D tools, we have made few of remarkable 3D animation ad films. Some of the animations like montage for satellite channels, product animations for Ad films are truly appealing.
We’ve done some very interesting work in 3D stereoscopic technology. 3D stereoscopic presentations are projected on large silver coated screens by several projectors. To view these movies one have to wear specially designed 3D glasses.

The project we are currently working on is an illusion graphics for Discotheques. The movies are developed in 3D Max, with some special rendering techniques. The animation timing is designed in such a way that it can synchronize with the music.
Approach Media  creates Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), 3D Animation, 3D Illustration, 3D Rendering, and 3D Modeling that brings your character, product or message to life on the Web/Internet, CD-ROM/DVD Multimedia, AV Presentations, Digital Video, TV & Film. We’re experts at transforming your needs, whether they’re 3D Character Animation & Design, Photorealistic 3D Jewelry Animation & Photorealistic 3D Jewelry Illustration, 3D Medical Illustration, 3D Medical Animation & 3D Scientific Animation, 3D Product Animation & Photorealistic 3D Product Illustration including Cutaways, See Throughs & Exploded Views, 3D Medical Illustration, 3D Architectural Visualization, 3D Architectural Illustration & 3D Architectural Rendering, 3D Product & Process Animation, 3D Advertising Illustration & 3D Cover Illustration, 3D Edutainment, 3D Scientific Illustration, 3D Digital Hosts, 3D Animated Logos & 3D Entertainment or any other 3D needs you may have, into amazingly realistic 3D computer graphics that produce outstanding results.
Approach Media has implemented a state of the art 3D animation pipeline and render farm capable of producing a wide range of 3D animation projects for our clients.
  3D Animation
3D Animation
3D Animation
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3D Animation 3D Animation 3D Animation
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